5 ways to earn passively from Binance Earn



Binance Earn is a tool that will help increase the assets you have when you own your coins.

What is Binance Earn?

Binance Earn is a new financial tool that’s helping investors increase their assets. It’s bringing coins to savings, staking, and other features. This product was created by the Binance exchange.

5 ways to earn passively from Binance Earn

1. Savings (Savings)

Saving in crypto is an opportunity for everyone to earn from their investments. There are two forms: Flexible Savings and Locked Savings.

Flexible Savings accounts offer a low interest rate that can help you save money. You can deposit and withdraw at any time. Therefore, the interest rate is lower than other forms of accounts.

In this case, all interest earned on Spotcoin deposits will be applied to future Spotcoin withdrawals and will NOT be lost or withdrawn. All Spotcoin withdrawals can be done within 24 hours as long as you meet the deposit and withdrawal requirements for the amount that you are trying to withdraw.The present invention relates to a semiconductor device.

2. Locked staking

You can choose to invest in either Fixed Binance staking or Fixed Binance Savings. In the case of Fixed Binance Staking, the assets are locked for a fixed period of time.

3. BNB Vault

It is the best place to stake BNB. You can choose between staking and investing. Staking is when you earn BNB when holding BNB and selling your BNB later. Investing is when you receive rewards from the BNB you hold in your BNB Vault. To participate in BNB Vault you need to have BNB 0.001 BNB or above. The profit when you stake BNB in BNB Vault will be calculated from the second day after staking BNB and the reward will be distributed to your wallet every day.

4. Binance Liquid swap

Is the Binance decentralized exchange where you can provide liquidity and participate in the most innovative, profitable, and fastest growing token economy to date.

In a nutshell, binance is a big pool. When you provide liquidity, you put a pair of tokens into that pool. Other users when they trade Swap (token conversion) in this pool, they have to pay a transaction fee, which will be divided between the exchange and you – the liquidity creator for the pool. Because the token swap fee on binance liquid swap is lower than the transaction fee on binance.

It’s the decentralized exchange (DEX) of the Binance exchange. In addition to providing liquidity, you can also trade token pairs with low slippage and low transaction fees.

5. Dual investment

Dual investment is an investment strategy that combines investing in cryptocurrencies and other types of crypto-assets to generate higher returns than regular investing.

Example Selling High: “Buy Bitcoin with US Dollar and then sell at the market rate. When the selling price is higher than the buying price, you make money. If the buying price is higher than the selling price, you still make money.

Important Note:

Yields from these forms are not fixed and vary depending on market movements. Only when the market price is higher than the price you set (Applicable to Sell High) or lower than the price you place the order (Applicable to Buy Low) will you make a profit.

Investors will NOT be able to get their investment back before the maturity date. So you need to consider carefully before investing.

This is an investment product that does not guarantee a minimum return (i.e. you will make money).

The 10% discount code is only valid for lifetime. Therefore, you must think carefully before choosing Binance.

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Binance Earn is a way to help investors earn extra income, without any concerns about safety. However, you should be aware that “high risk, high return” – high interest rate, big risk. Therefore, before investing in Binance Earn, you should consider the risks very carefully.

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