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AngelSale is an all-in-one platform that helps you easily create your tokens. And it enables your investors to see your reputation score after creating tokens.

From sales to sales, AngelSale helps your project get off the ground quickly and efficiently. Use AngelSale to promote your business to a larger audience

AngelSale offers the best marketing solutions tailored to your priorities, from listing to building trust.


After the project is completed, AngelSale will issue a trust rating that can only be seen by the project developer.


Let our partners evaluate your smart contract for the right price. After review, your work will be highlighted as review.

KOL Market

AngelSale analyzes CPA and CPS to select only the best Twitter/Telegram KOLs with real influence.

Telegram bots

Get your hands on Jupiter bots to start sharing ads not only in your community, but in other Telegram groups.

AngelSale AMA

Join us at the AMA session. Most of your users will always want to do some research before investing.

PR news

Advertising coverage of your project will not only attract new employees, but will strengthen the loyalty of your existing investors.

A new token or project’s creation, listing, and marketing are all handled by AngelSale, a one-stop store. Many gifted programmers, developers, and graphic designers want to bring their brilliant ideas to life by raising money on-chain, but they lack the necessary skills to set up a smart contract and advertise it to a wider audience. Help is at hand from AngelSale.

Token Development

Making a token at AngelSale takes less than two minutes, and selling it at our launchpad takes an additional two minutes. Additionally, AngelSale offers all the services required to launch your business. This involves three tasks that can be completed with us in just one day: (1) auditing; (2) team verification; and (3) listing applications.

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