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Welcome to! is developing the most accurate solution to consolidate and harmonize data across different chains, contracts and protocols.

We offer a decentralized way to track crypto assets by combining the power of smart contract technology with traditional centralized data providers. has recently launched a new service called Consola.tokenize. This is a unique new blockchain based tokenization protocol that will allow for the creation of tokens in the ecosystem. Tokenizing real-world assets, like real estate, is something we’ve been thinking about for some time. Our vision is to enable anyone to easily create tokens for any asset they want.

Our Vision provides a service that helps companies take charge of their crypto funds.

Through our back-end finance solution, we’re enabling crypto-native companies to refocus their precious resources to value-adding activities.

Our Mission

We aim to help you understand blockchain data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities.

We’re dedicated to offering our customers the best platform to handle crypto related finances, with the highest quality, reliability and utmost convenience. is a web-based, human-readable blockchain explorer with additional business functionalities.

In order for Bitcoin to scale, we must have a single source of truth for all cryptocurrency transactions.

We provide businesses with a highly efficient approach to consolidating, augmenting and exporting blockchain data in order to provide the highest level of transparency and insight to all business decisions.

Companies have the ability to work with best-in-class control functionalities for their cryptocurrencies.

Executing, automating transactions, and improving team syncronicity in a crypto-centric environment has never been so simple.

We are an Amazon Web Services partner, so we offer an AWS-friendly modular solution, offering a customizable, intelligent system that is the easiest to use and manage for customers.

Our Values


We’re honest, transparent and fair when we act.


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