How to get a discount on Binance trading referrals?


Binance Spot Futures Margin

Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to offering dozens of cryptocurrencies for trading, it has an easy-to-use margin trading platform that beginners can access.

This is a great place to start. With the Binance Exchange, you’ll have to pay transaction fees.

Those who have signed up as a member by referral will receive a 20% discount on fees, the maximum discount rate specified by Binance. Read more by visiting the site

Why use Binance

Whether you’re new to crypto or have been following the market for a while, there are plenty of questions you need answers to

What you have to know about Binance before using this exchange is that it’s the most powerful crypto exchange in the world.

1. High trading volume and abundant liquidity

When it comes to investing and trading, the more volume is better, and Binance has the highest volume of all exchanges in the world.

If the trading volume is low, there are cases where trading is not possible, so there is a situation where it is not possible to conclude, but Binance has a lot of coin trading volume, so this part is supplemented and various trading is possible.

CoinMarketCap has ranked Binance as the most popular exchange for both spot and futures trading.

2. Listing of various coins

When I was looking for a new exchange to use, I chose Binance because it had 395 cryptocurrencies listed as of July 2022.

It’s listed more than local exchanges such as Bittrex and HitBTC.

In the case of upbit as of July 2022, 274 coins are listed, and Bybit has 269 coins listed.

New coins are listed every day.

In addition to providing investors with a wide range of opportunities, Binance also offers a variety of opportunities for investors. As more investors enter the crypto space, the trading volume associated with each crypto project will rise.

3. Provide various programs for generating revenue

It’s a great opportunity for a lot of different types of investments, from launchpad to deposit. Margin trading allows you to put up to 50% of your portfolio into higher-risk instruments.

In addition, there are programs that can steadily increase capital with a small amount of capital.

The Launchpad and staking feature are provided. If you find it difficult to earn profits through the trading in spot and futures markets, then you should try it.

To us, this is the most simple way to understand why so many people use Binance.Q

Binance spot trading

What is spot?

This term refers to buying something that you actually own. For example, you don’t “rent” an investment by writing a check for it.

A representative example of the trading system is the bitcoin exchange market where people trade with one another in a bid and offer system.

Spot trading is owned and that’s why you earn profits as much as the value of your assets has increased.

On the other hand, if an asset’s price declines, you might suffer losses. Spot trading is generally the same as buying and selling commodities.

Investing in stocks is very easy, even for new investors. Once you know the basic process of investing in stocks, it is easier to get started.

How to trade spot

Generally, it means buying a stock or an equity instrument like a bond or an option.

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency, here are the top 3 exchanges in the world for trading cryptocurrency.

Owning Spot Trading allows you to make money by trading currencies and other securities such as stocks and commodities.

If it rises, you may make profits. And speculating is generally the same as buying and selling securities.

If you want to do it right, it’s easy to invest. Even novices can easily invest, which is why this book is so great for people who are new to investing.

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