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Marcel Keller

My name is Marcel Keller, I was born in 1979. After my college education in financial economics and banking and after working in the field of real estate for a long time, I now work for a private bank as a real estate investor.

Now I teach managers, executives, and entrepreneurs how to use real estate to create wealth while lowering their tax burden.

Now strategy talk agrees with me

Take advantage of this exclusive offer and arrange a personal, non-binding consultation for free. We will analyze your situation together, then we will show you step by step how we can realize your real estate investment for you.

My offer

You’ll learn how to buy real estate, convert the equity to active assets and get at least double your investment back within 12 years, all while not having to work for the government.

It’s the perfect book for anyone looking to launch their own business in the UK and needs a solid guide to getting started.

My goal for you

There are two ways to manage your taxes. One is by converting them into passive, inactive wealth, and the other is to convert them into active,

Avoid key mistakes

Every investment has a risk of making mistakes. This is why you should benefit from my many years of investing experience, along with several thousand consultations, to help you succeed with your current and future investments. Whether you’re a manager, executive, or entrepreneur, whether you live in Berlin or Leipzig – all constellations are already successfully implemented in practice.

Here you can find some of the cities that I have dealt with:
Monument property Leipzig
Monument property Magdeburg
Monument property Munich
Monument property Halle


Real estate is known to everybody, but few people really understand it. It’s surprising how many people get burned by it. I see the same things happening over and over again, even with good-hearted and hardworking professionals.

No long research

Follow the system I developed, which is always implemented live, that gives you access to quality real estate and saves you a lot of time and effort in the beginning.

Investment security

You benefit from my many years of experience in the financial sector and my detailed knowledge of the market, which means that I can give you more security and realistic results.

Exclusive market access

You can easily get access to properties traded within certain networks without having to spend many long nights behind a desk.

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