Payback your lost trading fees with one click!



This is a service that refunds the referral fee incurred by the exchange back to the customer.

You can use the exchange with up to 90% discounted commission compared to signing up without a discount code,  and through payback, we offer a higher level of commission discount compared to other influencers.

Payback,  from 50 USDT to 3,500 USDT  per month

If you trade more than 5 times a month and trade more than 100 USDT, you will receive a payback of 3,500 USDT based on the top 5% of the trade volume of more than 50 USDT.

Payback statistics for one month (USDT)

The statistical graph for all customers is as above, but this is for trading with a small seed (less than 100 USDT) or It is a form caught in the majority statistics of members who rarely trade (less than 5 times a month).

In general, customers who use futures trading for the purpose of trading generally fall within the top 50%.

So how do I use the service?

You can receive payback by referring to the payback guide after signing up through the lowest fee registration on the TetherMax main homepage screen.


Q1. I searched for UID, but the result is strange.

Traders, in order to receive payback, you must sign up with the signup link provided by TetherMax. MEXC: 12:00 UTC Bybit: 12:00 UTC Bitget: 12:00 UTC Depending on the circumstances of the exchange network, it may be later than the announced time and may take up to 48 hours. In addition, since the update is made for the details corresponding to 00:00 (UTC+9) ~ 23:59 (UTC+9) of the previous day, please understand that the transaction details on the day of the update will be reflected the next day.

Q3. The amount requested for payback has not arrived. 

After applying for payback, this situation can occur when ① you incorrectly delivered your TRC-20 or BEP-20 (BSC chain) USDT wallet address in the process of delivering it, and ② when the payback process has not yet taken place. Payback is generally made within 24 hours on business days, but if you do not receive payback after 48 hours, please contact us to check.

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