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Prime Ape Planet (PAP)

Prime Ape Planet (PAP) is an NFT collection. Prime Ape Planet PAP (PAP) price floor today is $394.74, with a 24 hour sales volume of 1.21 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 7979 NFTs minted, held by 3359 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $3,149,616.08.

Prime Ape Planet is a collection of 7,979 Primus Ethereum mammals created by Disney/Marvel artist Kurtis Dawe.

Prime Ape Planet is the genesis collection of an ever-evolving ecosystem consisting [Prime Kong Planet](, [Infected Prime Apes]( and [Poisoned Bananas](

Deep dive into the Prime Planet Ecosystem of limitless possibilities and earn rewards such as NFT Whitelists, Prime Tokens, Prime Merchandise, Blue Chip NFTs and much more!

PAP Market Statistics

PAP Floor Price 0.2494 ETH
Market Cap 1,989.9626 ETH
24h Volume 1.210721 ETH
Owners 3,359.0 -0.1%
Total Assets 7,979.0


Plenty of apes came before but most were mere chimpanzees, without any real form or function in the metaverse. The Primus Ethereum mammals, the Prime Apes, are different.

The Prime Apes have adaptive powers and have appeared in full 3D form! No matter what’s expected of them, when the stakes are this high, when survival and making their mark on mainstream culture are the priorities, the Prime Apes are ready!


OUR kongs

Have you met our Prime Ape’s bigger and stronger brothers? In the first quarter of 2022 mankind was introduced to the most powerful creature in the Ape kingdom, the Prime Kongs! They are the defenders of the metaverse, known for their calm character, powerful physique, and high intelligence they are here to stay.


Roadmap 3.0

Prime Ape Ecosystem:

Our upcoming Prime Ecosystem rollout, is a combination of strategic and economic play. Each and every one of our loyal holders of Prime Apes, Prime Kongs, or Infected Prime Apes will have the opportunity to stake their NFT in exchange for token rewards. The token comes with numerous benefits and use cases such as purchase of merchandise, whitelist spots for other forthcoming Blue Chip Projects, access to our play-to-earn game, the right to vote on major decisions in our Prime DAO and swapping to ETH for liquidity cash back.

Prime Ape Ecosystem

It is extremely important for us to create a balanced Prime Eco-system, one that has multiple use cases and different benefits that appeals to each and every single individual. This ensures a longstanding circular economy that is sustainable for all our holders to give and receive. All of these utilities will be available through our exclusive Prime Holders-only platform. This platform has received massive support from our community members as shown through the influx of votes in its favour. Following this, we swiftly began to work alongside our developer regarding the platform, at the moment our blockchain experts are conducting an overview of the project and all its aspects. We plan to launch the exclusive Holders-only platform in May 2022.

Real-World Utilities

It is our aim to provide our Prime Holders with as much value as we can. To achieve this, we have detailed plans to infuse our project with real-world applications and use cases in the coming period. Some examples include: access to exclusive deals, promotion opportunities, and the chance to attend events in various high-end locations around the world by simply showing their NFT in their wallet.

PAP Merch

The last phase in our roadmap entails the release of never before seen Prime Ape merchandises. An easy way to go about this would be to open an online shop that employs the basic “Print on Demand” concept. However, we intend to offer buyers the same quality they have grown accustomed to since the launch of our NFTs. The PAP Merchandise will only be accessible to holders via our holders-only platform.


The Prime Kong Planet (PKP) is a unique collection of 9.797 Kong NFTs, living together on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every Prime Kong NFT is hand-drawn by Kurtis Dawe. Kurtis is a well-known artist that has worked on various Marvel, Disney and MGM projects. Such as The Lion King, Godzilla, and many


0.25 ETH


Sold out


Our Prime Ape Planet NFT’s have been created by three highly respected digital artists. You may not know it, but you probably have already seen their work!

Check Out Prime Ape Planet: Featuring Artists From Godzilla, Marvel, and More

When a project surpasses $68 million in trading volume on OpenSea two weeks after launch, you know it’s a big one – and that’s exactly what the Prime Ape Planet is. This project has surpassed 100,000 members on its Discord channel in less than 24 hours – and for good reason.

Launched in late December, these hand-drawn 3D apes come straight from the visual artists of Marvel, The Witcher, and more. Following decades of success in real life, the three-artist team is now taking over the metaverse, so let’s find out all about them!

image of two Prime Ape Planet NFTs
From The Witcher, Marvel, and Godzilla visual artists, Prime Ape Planet hand-drawn NFTs are here to take over the market. Credits: Prime Ape Planet

What is Prime Ape Planet?

At first glance, Prime Ape Planet is a collection of 7,979 3D avatar-style NFTs launched in late December, 2021. Look closer, though, and you’ll find one of the most promising projects of 2022 – and for good reason.

The story of this project begins by admitting a harsh truth: the metaverse is already filled with ape NFTs. However, the Primus Ethereum Mammal, or prime ape, aims to take things to a new level.

According to the official website, these outstanding hand-drawn NFTs can show up ‘in their full 3D forms.’ From movies and games to virtual events, each digital asset is ready to adapt and even evolve over time.

The beautiful aesthetic of this project is all due to its creators, a team of top Hollywood visual artists.

image of a Prime Ape Planet NFT
The Prime Ape Planet collection also features 13 Legendary NFTs inspired by the iconic Avatar movie and more. Credits: Prime Ape Planet

Who are the project admins?

Accordingly, the Prime Ape Planet was created by a team of three artists: Kurtis Dawe, Travis Smith, and Chris Hogstead. Each of these visual content creators has a remarkable background in Hollywood, hence the flawless Prime Ape Planet designs.

Chris Hogstead, for instance, created the visual effects for The Witcher, Gozilla, Avengers Infinity, and the list can go on. Meanwhile, Travis Smith has over ten years of experience in animation rendering and textures. At last, Kurtis Dawe (the project leader) is a veteran among movie artists, having worked for over 14 years in the domain.

In essence, this powerful team obviously has the vision, drive, and commitment to create amazing artworks while growing the community. Of course, the 2022 roadmap they recently revealed proves just that!

image of a Prime Ape NFT
Each Prime Ape NFT will be ready to join multiple virtual mediums, including movies, games, and the metaverse. Credits: OpenSea

The project roadmap, (partially) revealed

Although Prime Ape Planet has only revealed part of the roadmap, it’s impressive, to say the least. First of all, project admins vowed to donate a whopping $50,000 to a tropical ape charity. Then, the team plans to reveal its 1:1 Legendary NFTs on OpenSea – all of which will likely increase the overall value of the collection.

Following up, each Prime Ape NFT will get ready to join the metaverse. Basically, holders will be able to use their assets in animations, games, or virtual avatars in their ‘medium of choice.’

At last, the Prime Ape Planet will welcome a brand new series of NFTs featuring other amazing animals. Notably, project admins confirmed they made this decision following plenty of requests from the community.

Nevertheless, this is just the first part of the roadmap, as the team will reveal Roadmap 2.0 soon too. Either way, the Prime Ape Planet has already proven its value in less than a month after its launch – and this is just the beginning.

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