Seamless and Efficient Trading on zkSync Era

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Seamless and Efficient Trading on zkSync Era

Trade and Earn Crypto Smooth Than Ever Before

Zero-knowledge technology is powering SyncSwap, bringing more people easy-to-use and low-cost DeFi. With complete Ethereum security.

The DeFi space has exploded in the past two years. From lending to decentralized exchanges to derivatives trading, there are a ton of opportunities for developers to get involved in this new frontier. As one of the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology, DeFi has also become a favorite topic of debate for crypto enthusiasts. There are some who see it as an opportunity to create a new financial system, while others view it as a threat to central banking. While it’s unclear where DeFi will be in 10 years, one thing is certain:

An Aligned Mission

SyncSwap aligns with the mission of zkSync to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty.

zkSync has already made it easy for users to store their cryptocurrency on any device, but what’s missing is a solution to transfer them to another device. In order to help bring crypto mainstream, we have created the zkPay mobile wallet app that provides users with a fast and secure way to transfer funds from one device to another. zkPay allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies from anywhere using their mobile devices.

Your DeFi Hub on zkSync Era

Trade with Superpowers

Full Security

Stay the same security as Ethereum mainnet.

The reason we do this is to ensure that users can easily migrate their EOS dapps and tokens between mainnet and testnet. We also have a testnet-only wallet, which is available here. The testnet is a separate blockchain and it is used for testing purposes. It is identical to mainnet, except it has a different genesis block and some other parameters. You can use it to deploy your own dapp or token, test your smart contracts, etc.

Seamless UX

Enjoy up to 100x scaling with lower gas costs.

The future of the blockchain is here, and it’s called Liquid. Liquid is a new way to send and receive funds that leverages on-chain smart contracts to create an efficient and seamless user experience. It provides a scalable, decentralized, and private payment network for everyday commerce — without sacrificing speed or security. Liquid is the world’s first blockchain payment network that provides instant, free transactions at global scale. Its unique design combines the power of blockchains with the efficiency and security of distributed ledgers. How does it work?

Efficient Trades

Next-generation multi-pool enables higher capital efficiency.

In the world of cryptocurrency, liquidity is king. If you don’t have access to the funds to buy or sell at the right price, then you are at a disadvantage. And it doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling; whether you’re trading in traditional markets or crypto, you need to have enough liquidity to execute your trades with the confidence that you won’t get stuck holding a position you can’t close.

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