Deez Nuts NFT (Official Nuts): How to Buy?

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Guide to Buying Deez Nuts NFT in OpenSea

Have you seen Deez Nuts NFT?

Deez Nuts NFT: Well if you’re an avid Deez Nuts NFT collector and enthusiast like me, you probably have!

Deez Nuts NFT are a hilarious collection of randomly-generated NFTs on the Etherium (ETH) blockchain consisting of over 10,000 randomly-assembled Nuts from over 500,000 total options.

It is a project between the hugely successful The Doge Pound and a team of artists, marketers and game developers put together.

Deez Nuts NFT aims to raise awareness for testicular cancer so a portion of all proceeds will go towards helping those suffering with testicular cancer and cancer research.

Two days before the official public launch scheduled on 27 September 2021 at 6:00 PM EST, the team successfully held a pre-sale exclusively for The Doge Pound holders which was a massive success!

The Nut Team

What do I need to buy a Deez Nuts NFT?

First, you must have a MetaMask wallet. Visit MetaMask Support for a comprehensive guide on setting up a wallet.

Second, you must have Ether (ETH) in your MetaMask wallet. Again, MetaMask has a straightforward guide for buying ETH on this page.

Third, you must have an OpenSea account. Click here for a comprehensive guide on creating an OpenSea account that you can use for buying Deez Nuts.

And when you have loaded your MetaMask wallet with ETH and connected it to your OpenSea account, you can finally buy some nuts!

Let’s Bust Some Deez Nuts NFT!

Step 1. Go to OpenSea and type Deez Nuts in the search bar to browse nuts for sale!

Step 2. Carefully pick the nut you wish to have and click Buy Now.

Step 3. Review the collection details and put a check mark at the bottom.

Step 5. Review Gas Fee and complete Check Out.

Step 6. Confirm Transaction in MetaMask

Congratulations, you have purchased your first Deez Nuts NFT!

How do I get ahold of Deez Nuts?

Got questions? Need support? Or you simply don’t wanna miss all the fun?

Join the Nut House on Discord and follow their official Twitter account. Deez Nuts’ community is growing day by day, and is currently composed of over 15,000 nutty members.

DEEZNUTS Price Today

Deez Nuts NFT price today is $0.000000660272 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?. DEEZNUTS price is up % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 DEEZNUTS coins and a total supply of 1 Trillion. If you are looking to buy or sell Deez Nuts, Hotbit is currently the most active exchange.

Where can Deez Nuts NFT be traded?

You can trade Deez Nuts NFT on Hotbit and PancakeSwap (v2). Popular trading pairs for Deez Nuts NFT in the market includes DEEZNUTS/USDDEEZNUTS/CADDEEZNUTS/AUDDEEZNUTS/GBPDEEZNUTS/INR, and DEEZNUTS/PHP.

DEEZNUTS is based on the popular “Deez Nuts” Internet meme but represents itself as a charity coin. DEEZNUTS was created to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, while also leveraging the viral and humorous aspect of the meme. The coin is now trending and supported by a list of celebrities and billionaires from around the world that are helping to promote the charitable cause.

On every transaction, DEEZNUTS charges a 10% tax:

5% moved to team marketing wallet

2% distributed to all holders

1% moved to Liquidity wallet

1% moved to charity wallet

1% moved to burn wallet

DEEZNUTS is integrating a full metaverse concept with “Flappy Sack” – a game inspired by the Flappy Bird game downloaded by millions of people around the world. Flappy Sack is a play to earn concept and currently has the alpha version available.

What was the highest price for Deez Nuts?

Deez Nuts NFTs hit an all time high of $0.006044885517 on Oct 29, 2021 (about 1 year).

What was the lowest price for Deez Nuts?

Deez Nuts NFTs had an all time low of $0.000000109838 on May 28, 2022 (5 months).

Deez Nuts NFT Price Chart (DEEZNUTS/USD)



Deez Nuts NFT (Official Nuts) statistics

Deez Nuts NFT (Official Nuts) NFTs were sold 19 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for Deez Nuts (Official Nuts) was $2.54k. The average price of one Deez Nuts NFT (Official Nuts) NFT was $133.6. There are 1,790 Deez Nuts (Official Nuts) owners, owning a total supply of 10,000 tokens.

Please Note: Our total number of holders datas skewed due to staking

Deez is a global ecosystem of Meme loving nutty humans frothing over a 10,000 pfp collection .

Our Deez Community is so Nutty that we have been able to become an Official Partner of Lets F Cancer Foundation and Raise over $50,000 for testicular cancer.

We are about to launch our “Shop Deez” where you will be able to use your $NUTS coins to purchase NFTs from the Deez Store. Categories will include things like: upgrades and exclusive metaverse items.

Multiple utility benefits will be coming to nut holders in the future to go along with the current staking system. These will include opportunities to mint plots in the metaverse and whitelist opportunities for other projects by a widely successful team.

Our team has a successful history in game development with multiple gaming studios around the world and big games. It’s easy to say that Deez has been the most fun and has brought the most love.

Deez Nuts NFT (Official Nuts) Rarity Explorer

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