How to sign up for MEXC, KYC verification?


How to sign up for MEXC, and KYC verification?

Hello, today, we will take a quick look at how to sign up for MEXC, a futures exchange, and even discount fees for KYC verification!

Table of Contents 

How to join MEXC

1.1 Learn about fee discounts
1.2 Join MEXC after connecting with the button above

MEXC KYC verification method

2.1 Login to MEXC and enter the ID tab
2.2 Select Advanced Authentication / Basic Authentication

How to join MEXC

Explore fee discounts

First of all, before joining the MEXC exchange, you should find out about the fee discount.

Usually, if you check how to sign up for MEXC on other blogs,
you will see a lot of comments about 10% fee payback.

Coin masters who have obtained the highest level of commission discount privileges can receive not only a 10% commission payback code, but also a lifetime discount from 0.06% -> 0.04% of the futures trading market rate!

– Substantial futures trading limit fee 0.018% market fee 0.036% –

It will be applied when you sign up after connecting with the button below.

Join MEXC after connecting with the button above

When registering for MEXC, you can sign up with your mobile phone number or email address.

Coingosu recommends signing up with a mobile phone number for reasons such as KYC verification .

The promo code must be applied as mexc-COINGOSU to receive the highest level of fee discount + 10% fee payback!

After entering your mobile phone number or email,
enter your password and password confirmation, and click the Receive Now button.

In this way, after entering the verification code sent to your mobile phone or email into the verification code,
check the checkbox and click the sign up button to complete MEXC registration!

How to verify MEXC KYC?

Due to the implementation of this travel rule, if you want to deposit and withdraw from a domestic exchange to an overseas exchange such as MEXC, you must complete KYC verification at the overseas exchange to be able to deposit and withdraw!

MEXC requires KYC verification to use various services such as Launchpad, Kickstarter, P2P trading, and staking, so it is a good choice to do so in advance.

Then, from now on, we will tell you how to verify MEXC KYC.

After logging in to MEXC, go to the ID tab

Selecting Advanced Authentication / Basic Authentication

There are advanced authentication and basic authentication, and you can choose from driver’s license, ID card, or passport.

Advanced authentication increases the daily limit to 200 BTC and
proceeds with facial recognition. If you do not have a webcam on your PC, you
can proceed with mobile or separately save your face and ID as a file and upload them.

General verification increases the daily limit to 80 BTC and
requires you to take a picture of your driver’s license, ID card or passport, upload it, and fill in the information.

In fact, the normal authentication limit is so large at 80 BTC
that normal authentication alone is sufficient!

Today, we looked at how to sign up for the MEXC exchange affiliated with Coin Gosu, as well as KYC verification and fee discounts!

I think it’s a good exchange because it’s an exchange I’m actually using, so I decided to partner with it, so I think you can use it with confidence.

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